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When you are looking for answers, and you want results which are the best people to turn to? As good as law enforcement officers are, they soon become stretched between duties and in some cases, you get prioritized in everything they have to do. Unfortunately, if your case does not include anyone being harmed, you might find you are at the bottom of the list.

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    As a professional company we know that in some cases, time is of the essence. We have many certified private investigators who are ready to help you find the answers you are looking for in Las Vegas. We are sympathetic to your cause and know that many cases are of a delicate nature and you wish your name to remain out of it.

    All of our professional investigators work with the utmost confidentiality, so much so, they will never acknowledge you are a client of Private Investigators of Las Vegas.

    On top of our strict confidentiality guarantee, we offer some of the most affordable rates of any private detective agency in Las Vegas. Not only that, we make sure we get the results that you are seeking. For a good many years that is precisely what we have promised and it what we have done. Regardless of the type of case, we have produced results.

    “I was denied a claim on my workmen’s comp. After confronting my employer who knew nothing about it, there was only the health provider. I approached Private Investigators of Las Vegas who found the doctor was claiming for things without my knowledge. The insurer finally covered me. And the doctor got what he deserved.”

    - B Michaels (Las Vegas)

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    Our Private Investigator Services

    We offer many services that fully utilize the years of experience and knowledge that all of our private detectives can provide. To make their chances even higher, they employ some of the best surveillance techniques and equipment that is available.

    Child Custody

    It is unfortunate that cases of this type involve children, and in most scenario’s it means the end of a relationship. It can however not just be about who gets custody of a child. There are situations where it involves a child support case, alimony cases and children who have run-away from home.

    Due to the sensitivity of these cases, our child custody investigators go the extra mile to make things as stress-free and comfortable as possible. If the circumstances involve an ex-partner, our investigators will put them under surveillance when they are in public, with still photo and video surveillance being conducted. We create a fully documented report that contains these images and any habits or routines an ex-partner has formed.

    Child Custody Surveillance And Investigation
    Missing Child From Park Investigation Las Vegas

    Missing Persons

    We all know we have to wait for 24-hours before a person is classed as missing. This can be more than enough time for someone to skip Las Vegas and become almost untraceable. Private Investigators of Las Vegas know the urgency that can be involved. It may be a case a child has been abducted, and it is these first hours that are crucial. From a quick, confidential discussion, our private detectives will be on the trail of a missing person immediately without any waiting time.

    Skip Trace

    Much can be said for a skip trace investigation as can a missing person investigation. However, the people in a skip trace investigation are looking to disappear to prevent them from facing up to their obligations.

    These skip trace investigations test all of our private investigation team’s skills to the limit. We spend hours trawling through records and databases for vital information and make sure this is all verified as being correct. All possible areas where a document can be held are checked, from hospitals, US post offices, libraries, and courthouses.


    Skip Trace Services Online Investigation

    We also go through all financial records, business operations, and records of marriage or divorce.

    Surveillance can also be carried out, yet not on the individual. We know that in many cases, a skip will contact friends or family before they settle into a new home and a new job. This can quickly lead us to the location of the skip trace investigation suspect.

    One final area we look for clues is, we background check all of the skips friends and family; this can give us an insight into their history and lifestyle.

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    Many investigations that our skilled operatives conduct have some form of surveillance involved. All of our professional surveillance investigators are masters of blending in and not being noticed. They also use some of the best surveillance equipment you can think of. From tiny cameras that fasten to jacket lapels to zoom lenses on SLR’s to video footage. Our detectives can follow and monitor an individual in public, or from afar. No matter if they are in an apartment, a place of work or a restaurant. We can record their activities without them knowing.

    Surveillance is the bread and butter of many private detective agencies in Las Vegas, and we have helped many businesses as well as individuals over the years in finding the results they require.

    Cheating Partners – Infidelity

    Couple Suspects Cheating Spouse Worried Las Vegas

    Our private Investigators know how this time can be stressful, and we also know that every individual has the right to know if their partner is cheating on them. During these times it is peace of mind and closure of the situation that most people look for, and many of which leads to them getting on with their life.

    As this infidelity can lead to a pending court case, we make sure your identity is not disclosed, ever. From our first confidential discussion, we determine your needs and explain how best we can approach the matter.

    From that moment our skilled investigators can monitor your partner and see if they are indeed unfaithful. Our surveillance investigation teams will follow your partner in public and build up enough information that you can use to confront them at the appropriate time.

    If a partner has previously denied any actions of being a cheating partner or admitted to their infidelity, the hard information that we present you with can make them come clean and confess.

    All of our investigators are proud of their skills and surveillance results. They also obtain quality that is so good; it can be used as admissible evidence in court if your situation reaches that point.

    You are in a strong position with the help of our investigators, to get on with your life, and more importantly, get what is due to you.

    “My son who has ADHD had a major argument with his dad. The police filled the report and said wait 24 hours. I couldn’t wait so I contacted Private Investigators of Las Vegas. They jumped straight on the case and found my son safe and sound in less than 48 hours. I thank you all sincerely.”

    - Joan Atkins (Henderson)

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    Workmans Compensation Fraud

    No one likes fraud of this nature, from the insurers who have to shoulder the losses. To the many individuals who are indirectly affected by these fraudsters. It is not only your co-workers who claim for an injury that they say was caused at work. It leads to your employer who can either deduct your premiums without passing them on or put you in the wrong classification bracket to offset their premiums.

    If that wasn’t enough, there are then the crooked doctors and healthcare professionals who overdiagnose an injury or bill for treatments and services that had not been undertaken.

    All our staff hates this form of fraud as it affects everyone. The premiums for your worker's compensation or insurance rise for no reason. Later you find this is your insurance company making sure they do not come out of the situation losing anything.

    Our skilled private detectives know all of the ins and outs of these frauds, they know where to go and what to look for to make sure that it cannot continue. In Las Vegas, the last thing we wish to hear is any individual who has been affected by workman’s comp fraud. From possible job losses, company bankruptcy increased premiums to an individual who has lost all of their life’s savings.

    As a professional company, we know it isn’t right and do everything we can with our private fraud investigators to prevent anyone else getting hurt.

    Private Detective Services

    Bug Detection In Office Or Home

    You might wonder why we are one of the top private detective firms in Las Vegas. It is from the distinct characteristics that set us apart from our competition:

    Investigation teams – all of our private investigators are committed to their task. They don’t follow a 9-5 routine and are more attune to the 24/7 lifestyle of Vegas.

    Full Confidentiality – we take discretion very seriously, and no matter who asks, we will never divulge our client’s names or even acknowledge an individual as being a client.

    Best Results – many detective agencies will offer half of the results thinking it is enough. All of the evidence our private investigators is to the fullest. Couple this with the forage from the hi-tech surveillance cameras they use. You will find that no matter what reason you contacted a private detective in the first place. You will have results that will stand up in a court of law without question.

    Honesty and Integrity

    We wish to hide nothing from our clients and be it information we have found that can be hurtful, or the advice we give in our first conversation. We are 100% committed to our clients, yet we give 100% honest and unbiased opinion. If a situation is not worth investigating, or there are legal barriers in our way, that is what you will hear.

    If you are after results, that is what we will get for you. No matter what the case, we offer you very affordable rates with no compromise on our quality of service. To all of our private investigators in Las Vegas who are in our employ, this job means more than just the monetary rewards. To them, it is a passion for helping people who would have nowhere else to turn in most situations.